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Czar's Street Trials bike is ideal for someone wanting to mix some BMX, street type moves in with trials. The Czar's are a slightly more trials-oriented, less expensive alternative to the Inspired bikes. It's geometry is less radical than a pure trials bike and it has a seat, so it feels a little more like a normal bike. You can take it in the skate park, ride some rocks, practice manuals and ride it to and from spots. This versatility makes it a great bike for someone looking to explore trials without committing to a pure trials bike. 

CZAR 24" Street Trials Bike 2014 B

$1,320.00 Regular Price
$1,240.00Sale Price
  • Geometry:
    - Wheelbase: 1020mm
    - Chainstays: 380mm
    - BB Height: +15mm
    - Head Angle: 72°
    - Reach: 645mm
    - Frame Spacing: 135mm

    Parts List:
    Frame:CZAR 24",disc/rim brake
    Fork:ECHO URBAN 26" integrated disc fork
    Headset:ECHO integrated headset
    Stem:ECHO TR 120mm x 20° stem
    Handle Bar:ECHO 7075 - T6 aluminum rise bar
    BB:ECHO integrated ISIS BB set
    Cranks: ECHO TR 170 ISIS cranks
    Pedals: ECHO TR platform pedals
    Freewheel:ECHO 108 points 18T freewheel
    Hubs: ECHO front & rear hubs
    Cog:ECHO 14T threaded cog
    Chain Tensioner:Integrated chain tensioner (no snail cam required)
    Rims:ECHO SL CNC 24" rims
    Front Brake:ECHO TR front disc brake, 180mm disc
    Rear Brake:ECHO TR rear disc brake, 180mm disc
    Bash Ring:ECHO 7075 - T6 full cover bash ring (18T).

    Wheelbase: 995mm, BB High: 15mm, Head Tube: 110mm, Frame Space: 135mm, Chainstay: 380mm, Head Angle: 73°
    Weight: 9.6kg (tires & tubes weight 1610g, frame weight 1780g without BB, 1980g with steel BB)
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