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2015 Echo Control Limited Edition Now Available

2015 ECHO Control Limited Edition complete bike to commemorate Deng Qiang. The design is strong and lightweight, it is a CNC-style 26” trials bike, limited to 38 units worldwide, and each bike has a unique identification number. The geometry of the bike and purple parts were Deng Qiang’s favorite. (ECHO's 1998 first-generation 20” complete bikes were styled with purple parts).

2015 ECHO Control Limited Edition frame has returned to the CNC design highlighting strength and power. The original frame around the seat tube is replaced by two beautiful CNC plates. The CNC board on the right has its unique identification number and special D logo to commemorate Deng Qiang. The CNC board on the left has Deng Qiang’s signature. The rear brake and booster have been combined into one CNC part, combined with the traditional CNC axle drop out design, the frame has much more anti-torsion and strength, as well as being visually unique and impressive. The frame is finished in matte black, the color of solemn respect. The laser engraved “Control” logo is a copy of the 2004 Control model, a tribute to the classic year. The head tube has a tapered design, this keeps the front end height low and enables maximum flexibility in bike fit for a wide range of riders. Total weight of the frame is 1520 grams! It is the best combination of weight and strength!

2015 ECHO Control Bike equipped with the top of the line ECHO parts, including carbon fiber handle bar, CNC splined cranks, titanium bottom bracket, titanium freewheel, titanium pedals, titanium cog, splined hubs, titanium bolts, and the purple CNC stem is unique to this limited edition bike. The frame uses triple butted tubes as we have used on GU frames. In addition, the front brake system used on the ECHO Control limited edition is the latest ECHO SL separated oil tank disc brake, it uses a symmetrical design and can be used on either the left or right side of the handlebar.

Wheelbase: 1095mm, BB High: 75mm, Head Tube: 105mm, Frame Space: 135mm, Chainstay: 378mm, Head Angle: 72° Frame Weight: 1520g

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